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Cheetah Kids Classes


Cheetah Kids classes are small group weekly sessions that focus on developing/improving age appropriate skills. The classes work on gross motor, fine motor and social skills to help your child excel in sports, academics, and social gatherings.


The classes are led by an occupational therapist with specific focus on age appropriate development. They differ from occupational therapy services in that they are not reimbursed by insurance and are not individualized treatment interventions. If you have any questions regarding the difference or deciding between the two please email us to discuss your specific situation. 


Basic Curriculum

Week 1 - Strength & Directions

Target areas: large muscle activation, hand strength/grasp, direction following


Week 2 – Balance & Endurance

Target areas: coloring/writing endurance e, s stabilizer muscles in seated/standing positions


Week 3 – Agility & Dexterity

Target area: object manipulation, multi-step movement patterns, explosive movements


Week 4 – Accuracy & Precision 

Target areas: ball skills, handwriting/drawing precision








Occupational Therapy & Movement Classes

4710 Ravenswood Road

Riverdale Park, MD 20737

Call Us:

(301) 892-6466

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